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Twin Rivers Computing

Rapid Reponse

We do not have an issue coming to your site to rapidly address any IT support needs. We will not spend hours trying to fix the issue remotely if it not possible.

Router / Firewall / Switch

We source and install routers, firewalls and switches to both protect your environment and allow for remotely accessing your network.

Business Services

We provide QuickBooks and other business services including installation and configuration.

PC Support

We provide PC installation, support, troubleshooting and repair. Also monitors, printers and other peripherals.

Wireless Networking

We install wireless networks and network controllers that will allow for you to have segregated internal business and guest networks

Cloud Computing

As a Microsoft partner we are ready to help you set your assets up in the cloud or move existing assets to the cloud

Mac Support

We have Mac's in our office and provide and provide hardware and software support including integrating them in a Windows Environment


We install new Windows servers or provide support to existing Windows servers. We also provide database support including SQL, Access and Filemaker

Disaster Recovery

Along with backup solutions, we provide disaster recovery for PC hardware and servers

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