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We have been providing on-site and remote support to our customers since 2001.

About Paul

Paul started out his IT career with a major corporation in 1982, when the PC revolution was just starting. He was introduced to the original IBM PC as part of a research project and quickly saw its value.  After almost 20 years in corporate life, Paul started Twin Rivers Computing to help small and mid-size businesses with their IT needs, including router / server / switch and PC installation and configuration.  He uses his MBA  to help customers grow their business and also specializes in QuickBooks.


“Along with providing full on-call computer support at multiple sites including  troubleshooting, training, new installations, repairs, upgrades, and servicing of some of our specialized equipment like large format printing and CAD devices, Twin Rivers Computing was able to support us multiple times as our business grew and we moved to larger locations.  They helped us with design and layout issues, terminating and testing cable installs, setup and so much more.  Their responsiveness is second to none….. Kevin P.  KDP Developers

“Fast and comprehensive servicecan be counted upon. whether it be our network having a fit, or PC problems. Twin Rivers will respond effectivly, be it a quick visit or coach us through the problem via cell phone.  You can call  upon Twin Rivers with e-mail questions or applications support for Windows Server, QuickBooks, and ERP support.  When we have hardware issues or require updates, we can count on Twin Rivers Computing to provide timely solutions.  We’ll always go back..” – – – -Dave M. –  Electrosort Automation



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